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A Heathen Snorri?

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New! Litteral and commented transl. of vamál English   

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Runes and Ethics

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A runic universe

 Ogams Eng and/et Auraicept

Travels to Heathen countries

The Mabinogion
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Famous Wimmer's version of the runic poems
German version
English translation

English version of Hrafnagaldur Óđins

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 my reconstruction of ' seidr '

"In Praise of Thor" "Hymne ŕ Thor"

The complete Grimm tales

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 Women in the runic inscriptions added to:

Feminine Magic in the Nordic Myths

Chants lithuaniens (dainos)

 Hungarian runes

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Welcome to  Nordic Magic Healing 


This site presents a score of documents related to the runes, the runic inscriptions , the runic charms,  and magic, Siberian and Saami shamanism, and many facts of Nordic and Celtic mythology and others.

Two long range threads are presently being spun on this site:

One is a try at understanding the concept of Norse örlög and sköp by commenting (almost) all the  Norse texts speaking of it. All the links on this topic start HERE.

The other is a literal translation  and understanding of  Hrafnagaldur Óđins  (done: introduction and stanzas 1-12)

still NEWer: Could the last 8 stanzas of Völuspá be Heathen?
:  A new interpretation of Norn's names in Völ. s. 20

See also my parent site on SPIRITUALITY:

Highlight on a testimony: Spirituality of an abused child 

Any question or comment? Email to

yvekod "arobase" gmail (dot) com 

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A Brief Description of our Sections

Heathenism - Paganisme

An inside definition of Paganism and Heathenism

NEW: (Paleo-)Heathen or Shamanic Spirituality Part 1:  Finding your Soul

Germanic lore - Folklore germanique

  English translation of Hávamál from a Heathen point of view. Linked to On the contractsRunic Ethics,
Sing and dance the runes, a runic galdr

A  literal translation  and understanding of  Hrafnagaldur Óđins

 A translation of Völuspá  (under updating and heavily commented  s. 17-20, 31, 59-66)

The complete Grimm tales Face to face German/English edition 

An edition of Grimm's German Mythology

Facing verse to verse an AS version of Beowulf, sided by two English translations, one is  poetic, the other  anonymous and almost litteral.

Runic Inscriptions 

Runic inscriptions can give us some idea of how the runes were used by some at least. This is an easy to read and understand (as compared to the original sources!) presentation of runic inscriptions that you have likely never seen before. You will find practically all the runic inscriptions available from Krause, Moltke, Antonsen and Derolez in English, complete with explanations.

Rune Pages 

These Rune pages discuss these kinds of things:

  •  A runic universe, as described by old texts
  • and Runes and the increase of male power.
  • Old English, Norwegian, Icelandic rune poems 
  • Wimmer's versions of the rune poems: one of the first of their scholarly versions. A copy of the German version, or its English translation.
  • how runes have been used historically and how the runes can be used for healing
  • descriptions of each rune (see above: A runic universe)
  • the Lay of Sigrdrifa
  • a discussion on Runes and Divination
  • the Old English Rune Poem

A look at the etymology of rune from Proto-Indo-European to English and it's branchings off along the way. Please let us know if you can add to this page!

Ancient Norse Sagas, Germanic Lore, Celtic Legends and Historical Texts

Our Nordic and Germanic Lore pages contain articles and short descriptions on things like: the Voluspa; the ancient German Goddess, Frau Holle or Perchta or Perhata; Jacob; a face to face ON-English version of Thorpe's translation of Volundarkvidha ('Volund's story'); a summary of Dumézil's book, Loki; and Jordanes' description of the Goths.

On the Nornir and the Dísir

My personal "Heathen feminism" section: The Nordic woman 

A complete version of the Grimm Tales in German, in the correct order, with a side by side, paragraph by paragraph English translation, that I gathered and compiled. I thank the Midhnott Sol Kindred for making it also available at You will also find many other interesting texts on their site at:

A section is devoted to the early travels to Nordic countries that still retained a good amount of heathenism. The first page available at this point is Scheffer's description of Lapp country in 1673


Extracts of Maria Antonina CZAPLICKA's Aborigenal Siberia and  My Siberian Year AND OF
Stepan P. Krasheninnikov's Explorations of Kamchatka 

My own 'vision' of Siberian shamanism 


(Irish lore):

NEW! The primary source of the Ogams. Here a table summarizes the whole stuff. 

Calder's English translation of the Auraicept (in a workable version)

(Welsh lore): The (English) / Les (Français) Mabinogion

This section gives the four branches of the Mabinogion and other Welsh ancient novels of the Red and White books with an English translation of Joseph Loth's footnotes.


Poems, Charms, and Curses

Healing with Galdr 

These pages contain a selection of healing charms: Lithuanian charms, Anglo-Saxon charms, charms from Hildegarde von Bingen, charms from the Kalevala, runic charms, charms from the Scottish Highlands, and rare Baltic Healing Charms (in English et Français)

Lithuanian Folklore - avec traductions en Français

A page devoted to Lithuanian Folklore, containing so far some translations of Littauische Volksliede, very much under construction however (a *very* slow one, sorry!)

Osberg "buddha"

The famous ship-grave of Oseberg has given us numerous archaeological treasures. Among them, an interesting but puzzling finding has still today no satisfactory interpretation: the so-called "Buddha-břtte" (Buddha-pail). Here is a discussion of the find, with links to beautiful photos.

Healing Galdor article

This article on healing is actually a summary of Yves' approach to healing. So, in a sense, it's a summary of this site and his book too.

Rovas - Hungarian runes

The topic and even the existence of a runic-like writing originating from Hungary is often superbly ignored by the runologists, even when they discuss the possible origin of the runes. It seems that, worse, the Hungarian Academy of Sciences does not want to see the topic even discussed. Thus, it is left to a handful of faithful Hungarians who try to show the antiquity of their rovás writing. When so few people are active in a field, it cannot but show large deficiencies. For example, when a set of shapes is found, nothing proves it represents runes, rovás, or gothic letters, etc. The recognition comes when some archeological studies have been performed, the shapes are well recognized for belonging to a given alphabet, an interpretation is given, and some kind of coherent body of knowledge is formed about the topic. To read more...

Nordic Magic Healing

is available at

Whether you have been studying the runes for years or just beginning, you will not only find everything you ever wanted to know about runes, but everything you should know about them. This is a completely original work, based on historical documents, archeological finds and years of personal experience. Presented in three volumes, Nordic Magic Healing by Yves Kodratoff gives you a completely new approach to healing that integrates ancient and modern healing methods without compromise and combines them with the original use of the runes. In no other text will you find such a comprehensive presentation of the runes and healing. tells you more about this book.


 We don't have a large number of them, but what is there is very good and will certainly get you started in the right direction.



If you are very keen, and you would like to check out the references for the information you find on these pages, then you are in the right place!


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