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'Glimpses' about 
Meaning of Life

A purelyHeathen  tale:
Freyja's brísinga-men

Invocation to Futhark

under building:ON SPIRITUALITY.  NEW:
Building upon Bil Linzie Ásatrú reconstructionnism

WYRD (Fate) & ÖRLÖG  & 
parent site


A Heathen Snorri?

Long      Short

New! Litteral and commented transl. of vamál English   

 References (Eng) 

Runes and Ethics

long   /   short

Hrafnagaldur Óđins

A runic universe

 Ogams Eng and/et Auraicept

Travels to Heathen countries

The Mabinogion
poly lingual

Famous Wimmer's version of the runic poems
German version
English translation

Please comment on : the mystical side

 my reconstruction of ' seidr '

"In Praise of Thor" "Hymne ŕ Thor"

The complete Grimm tales

(Eng / Deutsch)

 Women in the runic inscriptions added to:

Feminine Magic in the Nordic Myths

Chants lithuaniens (dainos)

 Hungarian runes

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Welcome to  Nordic Magic Healing 


This site presents a score of documents related to the runes, the runic inscriptions , the runic charms,  and magic, Siberian and Saami shamanism, and many facts of Nordic and Celtic mythology and others.

Three long range threads are presently being spun on this site:

One is a try at understanding the concept of Norse örlög and sköp by commenting (almost) all the  Norse texts speaking of it. All the links to this topic start HERE.

The other tells  ancient Scandinavian myths rendered as tales: last one and 12th  is The war between Ćsir and Vanir

HIGHLIGHTED:  Brísinga-men, Freyja’s Garland of Flames

The Third one is about the meaning of life and death

The 'NEWEST' 2015  commented  literal translation  and understanding of  Hrafnagaldur Óđins  is now completed (05/20/2015: see completed comments to s. 2)
still NEWer: Could the last 8 stanzas of Völuspá be Heathen?
:  A new interpretation of Norn's names in Völ. s. 20

Hear (mp3) how I CALL the RUNES

See also my parent site on SPIRITUALITY:

with a contribution on Heathen Sprituality: Building upon Bil Linzie Ásatrú reconstructionnism

Highlight on a testimony: Spirituality of an abused child 

Any question or comment? Email to

yvekod "arobase" gmail (dot) com 

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A Brief Description of our Sections

References & Bibliography

Heathenism - Paganisme

An inside definition of Paganism and Heathenism

Scheffer's description of Lapp country in 1673

Germanic lore

A complete  English translation of Hávamál from a Heathen point of view. Associated:  On the contracts

Runic EthicsRunes and Moral Laws  and its short version (individual ethics)

A complete  2015 English literal and commented translation of 
Hrafnagaldur Óđins

Runic inscriptions  as seen by Krause, Moltke, Antonsen and Derolez

Old English, Norwegian, Icelandic rune poems

Rune pages ,  A runic universe, as described by old texts and how runes can be used for healing

The complete Grimm tales Face to face German/English edition 

An edition of Grimm's German Mythology

Various pieces of lore such as
Voluspa , Volundarkvidha ('Volund's story'), Frau Holle or Perchta or Perhata, a summary of Dumézil's book, Loki; and Jordanes' description of the Goths,  On the Norns and the Dísir , My personal "Heathen feminism" section:     The Nordic woman


Extracts of Maria Antonina CZAPLICKA's Aborigenal Siberia and  My Siberian Year AND OF
Stepan P. Krasheninnikov's Explorations of Kamchatka 

My own 'vision' of Siberian shamanism -


(Irish lore):

The primary source of the Ogams. Here a table summarizes the whole stuff. 

Calder's English translation of the Auraicept (in a workable version)

(Welsh lore): The Mabinogion  (Polylingual)

Poems, Charms, and Curses

Healing with Galdr  : a selection of healing charms, including several Lithanian charms

Healing in the Kalevala.  

Healing galdor paper: (to include) 

Rovas -Hungarian runes

Nordic Magic Healing

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