Be welcome on this part of the site where we sing and dance the runes


We start with audios. The videos will be added later.


The audio files were created as .wma under windows. I will give you one  version .wav, one version .au and one version .mp3 that seems to work under all conditions. My provider asks money enough to guarantee that it contains no viruses. You can also download the audio files without including them in your personal files.


You will perhaps notice that I am somewhat far from being a professional singer … most probably you as well. Do not hesitate to sing and to dance even if you feel awkward. A professional singer or dancer will certainly provide a better show than we can. Giving a show kills the magic, however.


The Songs


When I described rune Othala (you can find it here), I told you that we could adapt runes to various uses depending on the goal you aim to. Here is an example of this: three different ways to sing the couple of runes Mannaz-Ingwaz, runes of humankind and of balance.



First Song:





I confess that what I said is a bit hard to catch; I give you at first a written version of my comments.



I will now – er- sing the two runes Mannaz and Ingwaz in two different ways. The first way is a kind of abstract call by which I call as much as I can the power of these runes that are the runes of humankind and balance.

The second one is to call those who are in my family within humankind.

And the third one is to reject the ones who are not in my family.


 Hem, here is the first one.


Mannaz  Mannaz Mannaz  Ingwaz Ingwaz Ingwaz


Here is the second one, to call my family

Mannaz-Ingwaz Mannaz-Ingwaz Mannaz-Ingwaz


The third one, the one that rejects.

Mannaz  Mannaz Mannaz  Ingwaz Ingwaz Ingwaz


Here the audio file .mp3  

Here the audio file .wav

Here the audio file .au



Second Song :


This shows how to use the above three forms in a galdr (a spell) already sent by a group of people. This not really the full galdr since I do not wish here to pronounce it in full.





I uttered the galdr in French because I have been working with French-speaking people. Here is its present English version, together with the French version. You can thus follow what I say during the galdr, even if you don’t know French at all.


Text of the galdr


Mannaz  Mannaz Mannaz  Ingwaz Ingwaz Ingwaz

This spell demands that humankind defers to the forests and Nature.

(Ce sortilège exige des humains qu’ils respectent les forêts et la Nature.)

Berkanan Berkanan Berkanan 



Welcome to you who love powerful trees, rushing waters, strong winds and thunderstorms that shake sky and earth!

(Bienvenue à vous tous qui aimez les arbres puissants, les eaux déferlantes, les vents violents et les éclairs liant la terre et le ciel.)

Laukaz Laukaz Laukaz 


Humankind will now be rooted in its deference to the forests, the groves, the trees.

(Que l’amour et le respect des forêts deviennent des forces agissantes, qu’ils soient les liens qui créent l’humanité.)

Mannaz-Ingwaz Mannaz-Ingwaz Mannaz-Ingwaz


Stop the bickering born from our aborted rage, our helpless pains!

(Que notre souffrance impuissante, que nos rages avortées cessent de nous diviser.)

Kaunan Kaunan Kaunan 


The world tree has room for us all!

(Que l’arbre du monde nous accueille tous.)

Ihwaz Ihwaz Ihwaz 


Misery has to change sides!

(Que la souffrance change de camp.)

Mannaz Mannaz Mannaz Ingwaz Ingwaz Ingwaz


Powerful Norns who master the fates, listen to our charm and tweak the world’s fate in such a way that humankind might find its original inconspicuous role within the chain of natural events.

(Puissantes Nornes, maîtresses des destinées, écoutez notre charme et ajustez le tissu du monde afin que l’humanité retrouve dans les cycles naturels la place humble qu’elle n’aurait jamais quitter.)

Naudiz Naudiz Naudiz 


This galdr be hallowed!

(Que ce galdr soit consacré !)

 Here is the audio file .mp3


Here the audio file .wav

Here the audio file .au