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how Ţjazi helps understanding who Hrćsvelgr is

On Norse ghosts (draugar)

A list of  Norse irregular verbs

Thorr's Hammer sign

ancient Scandinavian myths

'Glimpses' about 
Meaning of Life

Freyr-Gerdr tale 1 

what of her magic?: tale 2

Invocation to Futhark

under building:ON SPIRITUALITY.  NEW:
Building upon Bil Linzie Ásatrú reconstructionnism

WYRD (Fate) & ÖRLÖG  & 
parent site


A Heathen Snorri?

Long      Short

New! Litteral and commented transl. of vamál English   

 References (Eng) 

Runes and Ethics

long   /   short

Hrafnagaldur Óđins

A runic universe

 Ogams Eng and/et Auraicept

Travels to Heathen countries

The Mabinogion
poly lingual

Famous Wimmer's version of the runic poems
German version
English translation

Please comment on : the mystical side

 my reconstruction of ' seidr '

"In Praise of Thor"

The complete Grimm tales

(Eng / Deutsch)

 Women in the runic inscriptions added to:

Feminine Magic in the Nordic Myths

Chants lithuaniens (dainos)

 Hungarian runes

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Welcome to  Nordic Magic Healing 


This site presents a score of documents related to the runes, the runic inscriptions , the runic charms,  and magic, Siberian and Saami shamanism, and many facts of Nordic and Celtic mythology and paganism.

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Four long range threads are presently being spun on this site:

    The first is  a try at understanding the concepts of wyrd and of Norse örlög and sköp by commentingmany Norse texts speaking of it. All the links to this topic start HERE.

    The second tells  ancient Scandinavian myths rendered as tales: last done and 16th  is

Gerđr  and Freyr marriage as a cosmic tale

    The third  contains discussions of  Norse spirituality and the texts upon  which it stands. You will also find here a few tales illustrating this spirituality. NEW: Kenningar in Hauslöng 2-13  and a new (non Christocentric) translation of  Völuspá 

     The fourth is about the meaning of life and death (... and mankind's fate/örlög). Done: 'Glimpses' 1-6, 8 ) The last one, 8, draws a clear limit between respect and love.   


Runic pages

Germanic lore

Pagan pages

Rovas -Hungarian runes

Various Charms

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Highlight on a testimony: Spirituality of an abused child 

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