Germanic-Scandinavian Lore

A complete  English translation of Hávamál and Völuspá   from a Heathen point of view. Associated:  On the contracts

A complete  2015 English literal and commented translation of  Hrafnagaldur Óðins

A translation of ÞÓRSDRÁPA mainly due to Eysteinn  Björnsson  that I carefully commented

The complete Grimm tales Face to face German/English edition 

An edition of Grimm's German Mythology

Various pieces of lore such as Völuspá , Volundarkvidha ('Volund's story'), Frau Holle or Perchta or Perhata, a summary of Dumézil's book, Loki; and Jordanes' description of the Goths,  On the Norns and the Dísir , My personal "Heathen feminism" section:     The Nordic woman

Thorr's Hammer sign

 Could the last 8 stanzas of Völuspá be Heathen?  A new interpretation of Norn's names in Völ. s. 20

Stanzas 2-13 of Haustlöng, a poem due to Þjóðólfr úr Hvíni (~ 855-930) and describing Íðunn’s abduction contain many kenningar that provide new information on goddess Íðunn and giant Þiazi, and can help us to understand  why Snorri Sturluson is so hostile to Loki. A tale will soon report this knowledge, "Íðunn's Abduction."