Icelandic Rune Poem


The Old Norse version is Wimmer’s normalized one. Consult (explanations in German) or (explanations in English) to check the variations among the manuscripts.



 er frænda róg                    fehu stirs strife in the household [or family, kindred].,

ok flædar viti                         fire of the sea

(one version with fyrða gaman   pleasure of the warriors)

ok grafseiðs gata.                   Usual translation: the way of the serpent.

Alternate personal translation: the riddle of the open grave of seidhr.

Note: my personal translation may look strange. It is explained with rune Fehu on this site.


aurum [gold]              fylkir [king]




 er skýja grátr                     UrNorv is the clouds' tears,

ok skara þverrir                      The destruction of harvest,

ok hirðis hatr                          The hatred of the shepherds.


umbre [pour imbre - rain shower]                  vísi [master of the army]



thursNorv er kvenna kvöl                   thursNorv this is suffering [or torture] of the women,

ok kletta búi                           And the dweller of the cliffs,

ok varðrúnar verr.                   And Varthrún’s husband.


saturnus. [Saturn]                   þengill. [king, chief]



 er aldingautr                        OssNorv is the ancient creator,

ok ásgarðs jöfurr                      and king of Ásgardhr,

ok valhallar vísi.                      and lord of Valhöll.


jupiter. [Jupiter]                       oddviti. [one who shows, who knows]



 er sitjandi sæla                   readNorv is the merriment of who is sitting

ok snúðig ferð                         and a fast travel

ok jórs erfiði.                           and the weariness of the horse.


                        iter. [road, travel]                    ræsir. [noble or valuable person]



* er barna bōl                          kaunON is a child’s bale,

ok bardagi                               and a flogging (or a scourge)],

ok holdfúa hús.                       and the home of mortification. (hold = flesh; fúa = putrefaction, rottenness )


flagella. [whips]                     konungr. [king]



 er kaldakorn                       hagallNorv is a cold seed,

ok krapadrifa                           and a shower of sleet,

ok snáka sótt.                          sickness of the snakes.


grando. [hail]             hildingr [warring king]



 er þýjar þrá                          naudNorv are the throes of the bondwoman [the servant]

ok þungr kostr                        and the load of a choice [þungr kostr: the heaviness of being responsible]

ok vássamlig verk.                  and a tiring work.


opera [work]   niflungr [Nibelung]



 er árbörkr                             isNorv is the crust of the rivers,

ok unnar þak                          and the roof of the wave vague,

ok feigra manna fár.               and the far [or fár] of the feigr men.

    feigr = ‘fey, strange, near to death’ – far = journey  - fár = dangerous illness


glacies. [ice]    jöfurr. [boar, warrior king]



 er gumna góði                    arNorv is a profit [ or a goði, a Heathen priest] for the humans,

ok gott sumar                          and a good summer,

ok algróinn akr.                       and a thriving [also:‘perfectly healthy’] harvest.


annus. [year, production of the year]            allvaldr [all powerful]



 er skýja skjöldr                    SolNorv est le shield of the clouds,

ok skínandi röðull                    and a gleaming halo,

ok ísa aldrtregi.                       and the ancient sadness of ice


rota. [wheel]   siklingr. [king, one followed by victory]




 er einhendr áss                    tyrNorv is the one-handed Áss,

ok úlfs leifar                            and what was left by the wolf,

ok hofa hilmir.                         and the prince of the temples.


mars. [Mars]               tiggi. [chief, rich in fame]



 er laufgat lim                       bjarkan is branch showing ‘off’ its leaves,

ok lítit tré                                 and a small tree,

ok ungsamligr viðr.                  and a forest of gathered young shoots.


abies. [pine-tree (or ship or spear)]     buðlungr. [one who chooses, king]



 er manns gaman                madrNorv is human’s pleasure,

ok moldar auki                        and even more soils [or clay, plural]

ok skipa skreytir.                     and who decorates the ships.


homo [human]                        mildingr [generous man]



* er vellanda vatn                   logrNorv is boiling [or swarming] water

ok víðr ketill                            and a large kettle [or basin],

ok glömmunga grund.             and the ground of the glömmungr [a kind of fish].


lacus [lake]     lofdhungr [Lofði’s hunger = hunger for becoming a hero]



 er bendr bogi                   yris a stretched bow,

ok brotgjarnt járn                 and iron ‘liable to rebel’

ok fífu fárbauti.                    and Farbauti of the arrow.


arcus                           ynglingr.

[bow, rainbow]           [either ‘young’ or family name of the ‘Ynglingr’]