Norwegian Rune Poem


The Old Norse version is Wimmers normalized one. Consult (explanations in German) ou (explanations in English) to check the variations among the manuscripts.



vldr fr'nda rge; fehu stirs strife in the household [or family, kindred].

fesk ulfr skge. the wolf feeds in the forest.


er af illu jarne; uruzVik comes from brittle iron.

opt loypr rinn hjarne. often runs [or glides] the elk on hard-frozen snow.


vldr kvenna kvillu; thursNorv brings to women torture.

ktr vrr fr af illu Few will be merry of ill [or difficulty]


er flestra fra Classical translation: river mouth is the way of most journeys

Personal translation: one of the sir is the travel of the most earnest of the travels.

fōr, en skalpr er svra. but a scabbard [is] of swords.


kva rossom vsta; readNorv they agree, is the worse for the horses.

Reginn sl svret bzta. Reginn forged the best of the swords.


er barna blvan; kaunON is a childs curse. (blvan does not mean misfortune, bale but curse)

bl gorver mann flvan Usual translation: death makes a corpse pale.

Wimmers correct translation: bale makes a man pale (bl means bale and not death. Mannr = mar means human)


er kaldastr korna; hagallNorv is the coldest seed.

Kristr skp himenn forna Christ gave shape to the ancient dwelling.


gerer nppa koste; naudNorv leaves scant choice.

noktan klr froste. Classical translation: Naked, he is cold in the frost.

Personal translation:(naudNor) cooled the naked one during frost.


kllum br bria; is we call a broad bridge.

blindan arf at lia. Classical translation: the blind one needs to be guide.

Personal translation: is[it is] useful to shake the blind one towards banishment.


er gumna ge; arNorv is a profit [ge] for the humans.

get ek at rr var Fre I acknowledge that Frdhi has been generous [or fast, or full of energy].


(sl) er landa ljme; solNorv is the shining flash of the world.

lti ek helgum dome Wimmers translation : I bow in front of the divine judgement.

Personal translation: I pay tribute to the judgements [or sentencing] of the sacred day [or during the sacred day].


er inendr sa; tyrNorv is the one-handed ss.

opt vrr smir at blsa. Often the smith has to blow.


er lavfgrǿnstr lma; bjarkan is the greenest foliage of the wood bundles [ou of the foliages, ou of the branches]; [Wimmers translation: Birch branch is the foliage-greenest shoot.]

Loki bar flrar tima. Loki carried the times [or the appropriate times] of frauds [ou of falcities]. [Classical translations, something like: Loki well succeeded in cheating everyone.]


er moldar auki; madrNorv is still more earths [or clays or molds].

mikil er grip hauki The hawk grasps much [w. for w.: much it grasps in hawk].



er, er fllr r fjalle LAGU.BMP is what falls from the cliffs,

foss ; en gull ero nosser cascade [furious strength of the water]; but as well, costly things are made of gold.


er vetrgrǿnstr va; yrNorv is the greenest tree during winter;

vant er, er brennr, at sva. Wimmers translation: it is in the habit of singeing, where (when) it burns.

Personal translation: it has greed for burning and (entirely) burns out.