Original English texts

 Maria Antonina CZAPLICKA's chapters [from her Aborigenal Siberia] on the Shaman in Action and Shamanism and Sex, and, [from her My Siberian Year]: (Shamanist) Religion, A Shaman's curse, with comments.

Stepan P. Krasheninnikov's Explorations of Kamchatka 1735-1741. His chapters on the Kamchadal Gods, shamans, and feasts

Textes traduits en Français

Maria Antonina CZAPLICKA: Traduction française de l'original anglais. Tirés de Aborigenal Siberia: Le chaman en action et Chamanisme et sexe. Tirés de My Siberian Year: La religion (chamaniste), La malédiction d'un chaman. 

Stepan P. Krasheninnikov: Explorations of Kamchatka 1735-1741. Traduction française de la version américaine: Les Chamans, Fêtes et Cérémonies. 

In memory of / En mémoire de

Maria Antonina Czaplicka

(My Siberian Year, Mills & Boon, 1916)