On nordic-life and Yves Kodratoff

I am a scientist who spent 45 years of his life as researcher in the French Center for Scientific Research (CNRS). This long practice of the scientific approach, instead of ossifying my mind patterns, prompted me towards nonconventional attitudes. I explain it, perhaps in a somewhat over-confident way, by my belief that I would be able to spot the limit between a reasonably coherent unconventional statement and a delirious one.  From the very beginning of the Seventies, I joined these who engaged in ecology and the alternative medicines. I must say that, very soon, the facts showed me that the attitude of the scientists at this time, i.e. their unfaltering support to the existing system of thought, was perfectly opposed so what Science teaches, or should teach us.

I then started various attempts at joining some out-of-science trends of thought but, to put it nicely, they did not really convince me. When,  When, however, I discovered Shiatsu, and later Shamanism and Northern Germanic mythology together with the mythology of the runes, I did not hesitate to get apart from scientific rationality in order to explore these fields relying on a less visible and more sensitive view of the world. They do have their but own logic, one based on premises different than the official scientific thinking.

This led me to live various experiments to the limit of, and even beyond, rationality though without ever using another type of ‘drug’ than meditation, dancing and singing. On its part. On its part, my scientific set-up prevented me to believe one of the existing and contradictory theories associated to the obviously ‘irrational’ myths that were inspiring me. Instead, all this made it mandatory for me to associate my personal life experiences with a stubborn study of the texts containing the original sources of these myths.



I followed this track in my way to deal with

            shamanism, follow this link  

            the runes and Old Norse poetic texts, follow this link

My main present interests are as follows.

The first is a research on how to feel the power of the runes in our body – by dancing and singing them. 

The second is a ‘reconstruction’ of the important Eddic poem Hávamál (High’s Speech). Click on this link to know more.

The third is relative to the ethical and spiritual consequences of my involvement in the ancient Norse religion. This led me to produce texts on ethics, the simplest is found here, and yet other texts on spirituality that are available at:  https://sites.google.com/site/shamansspirituality/ .

The fourth is an unexpected follow up of my scientific career in Artificial Intelligence. Life occurrences provided me the luck to be able to benefit from Marta Franova's mathematical genius and I can work with her on building a model of how works creative mathematical thinking when it used to prove theorem by mathematical induction.