Nordic Magic Healing:
runes, charms, incantations, and galdr


Email Lists

Often people write to us to discuss the ideas on these pages. There is no point in creating a new email list for this since there are already some excellent ones on the go. So, if you are interested in discussing the runes, healing, or anything else you find on this site, consider joining one of the lists below. Yves is a member of each of these and he'd be happy to discuss things with anyone who is interested.

The Asatru-L Mailing List

The Asatru-L is sponsored by the Irminsul Ćtt on behalf of the greater Heathen and Ásatrú community. This mailing list has been established for the open and free discussion of topics related to Ásatrú or of interest to the Ásatrú community. Anyone with a valid e-mail address is welcome to join. Subscription to the list will be considered to be an agreement to abide by the rules and guidelines for the mailing list.

To subscribe to or to unsubscribe from the Asatru-L list simply send a message to with the word subscribe or unsubscribe in the subject line.


Asatru-E Is for general discussion of Asatru with a special focus on Asatru in Europe (not necessarily Scandinavian). The list language is English. Asatru-E is moderated by Alex Jahnke and open for anyone with an interest in Asatru in Europe.

To subscribe send an empty mail to

The Stáv Healing Page

You can subscribe to The Stáv-Web from this page (at the bottom) - When you apply you will be asked to explain you interest in Stav before your application is approved.