Nordic Magic Healing:
runes, charms, incantations, and galdr


Nordic Magic Healing


Hand Healing, Shiatsu and seidr: a spiritual journey

by Yves Kodratoff

Here you will find the forewards to the books and following that you can read about the status of each book, if you are interested.

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the Forewards

We are obviously mechanical bodies as Science sees us, but we are also irrational animals. This part of us needs healing just as much as our mechanical body. That is what these two books are about.

My choice of Nordic magic healing is due to the way it merges rational and magical thinking. Some might say 'superstitious' instead of magical, and I proudly accept my belief in some superstitions. Although I cannot stand most of the media-hyped superstitious trash which is thrown in our faces presently, I believe in my superstitions not because I am gullible, but because they are part of my everyday experience, and, everything considered, it is not very rational to reject one's experience. Thus, ironically, I am somewhat superstitious because of my very rationalist mind!

Rational medicine, has been progressing enormously, but it illustrates all the pros and cons of a systematically rationalistic attitude. It treats many symptoms perfectly, constantly checking its own results, but it treats the sickness, not the sick person. Besides, many sicknesses are out of its reach, even simple ones like a headache. Another defect lays in the hidden mystics of rationalist medicine: It believes deeply that sickness and death are completely negative, and therefore must be fought at all costs. I will simply state now that we can certainly also benefit from sickness, especially when it points to a deep mistake in our life, forcing us to become aware of it. However, I will never be opposed to modern medicine, not any more than many physicians oppose themselves, for example, the blind use of cortisone, antibiotics,