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Charms of the Kalevala

  Charms to ease delivery

This charm is said by Louhi, the Queen of the North, when her ‘horrible daughter’ is about to deliver her babies, hidden in a sauna.

Louhi, mistress of the northern land,
The old toothless woman of the North...
Brought her [
daughter] secretly to the sauna,
In hiding to the bath-hut,
Unnoticed by neighbors;
No word reaching the village.
She secretly heated the sauna,
Preparing her with speed;
She smeared beer on the doors,
Wetted the hinges with ale,
So that the doors would not creak,
Nor the hinges squeak.
Then she put this in words,
She declared, speaking thus:

Invocation to mother-nature

Oh Queen, daughter of nature,
Woman in gold, beauty
Who is the most ancient of wives,
The first of matrons:
Run until you wet your knees in the sea
Up to your belt in the waves,
Take the turbot's drool,
The slime of the perch,
Apply it between bones,
Rub along the sides,
To free a girl of tension
A woman of her suffering uterus,
From this tedious pain,
This difficult work in her belly!

Invocation to the main God

Oh Old Man, first of Gods,
Come here when you are needed,
Take this way when you are called.
Here there is a girl in bad way,
A woman submitted to the anguish of her belly,
In the middle of the smoke in the sauna,
The village bath-hut.
Take a golden stick
In your right hand
And with it shatter the bars,
And break the doorposts,
Undo Creator's locks,
And slacken the inner bolts,
Let the great pass, let the small pass,
Let the tiny go!

General charm for getting rid of bad spirits whose Origin is known

Specter go on your way,
Demon of the earth, get out of there,
Before I find your mother,
Oh that I do not summon your honorable parents!
I will tell your mother, speak with her,
Denounce you to your parents.
The work of the mother increases,
Parents are disturbed
When their son behaves wrongly,
Their child acts badly.

Curses when the Origin of the illness is ignored

I have no idea
I can not guess your Origin,
Hiisi, who has freed you.
Demon, from where have you come
To nibble and bite,
To eat, to chew.
Are you a sickness coming from the Creator,
Bane of Jumala,
Or rather of human origin,
Fashioned and brought by someone,
Put in place against payment,
Raised by money?
If you are of a human origin,
Caused by another man,
Be sure that I will know your family
That I will find out where you were born!

Charm for casting out bad Spirits

Be calm, Hiisi's dog,
Soften, Manala's cur
Manala = Tuonela, land of the dead)
Leave my lap, scoundrel,
Grime of the earth, my liver,
Stop biting the heart of my heart,
Scratching my spleen,
Filling my stomach,
Twisting my lungs,
Chewing my umbilicus,
Seizing my intestines,
Crushing my vertebrae,
Whipping my sides!

Charm to ask for the earth's assistance

I invoke from the ground the earth matron,
From the field the first masters,
From the earth all warriors,
From the sand all horsemen,
Let them be my force and my power,
My support and my refuge
In this hard work,
In this cruel pain.

Charm to ask for the forest's assistance

Rise, Oh forest, you and your people
Junipers, you and your people
Pines, you and your household,
Oh still pools, you and your children,
You and a thousand guys of steel,
To use this demon,
To crumple this Troll.

Charm to ask the water's assistance

Rise from the waters, mistress
From the waters, that the waves cap in blue,
Covered by a fine blanket of sludge,
Face washed of its mud,
To become the strength of a guy,
The virility of a small man,
Let me not be eaten without cause,
Killed without sickness!

Charm to ask for the assistance of Mother Nature

Oh Queen, nature's daughter,
Woman in gold, beauty
Who is the most ancient of wives,
The first of matrons,
Come now to calm the pains
To drive away the bad days,
To take care of this deal,
To ward off this attack!

Charm to ask for the assistance of the main God

Ukko, navel of the sky
At the edge of storm clouds,
Come here when you are needed,
Take this way when you are called,
To undo the miserable deeds,
To hunt misfortunes,
With a sword with a proud blade,
Of a sparkling brand.

Incantation to Ukko, the Old Man

The Kalevala gives us this healing treatment performed by Väinämöinen:

Then the old Väinämöinen,
The eternal man,
Was going to cover the pains
And treat these wounds
With nine balms
And the eight remedies;

He completes this treatment with an invocation to the "Old One", the first of Gods, which must obviously be Odin.

Hail Old Man, first of the Gods,
Ancient of the skies
Raise an eastern cloud
Lift a North-west curtain
And send a breath from the West:
Let honey rain, let water rain,
That will be the balms for pains,
Remedies for the wounds!
Give me a proud
Sword, a sparkling brand
To hold the pains
To take away the pain forever
Pains in winds' path
Sufferings in large clearings
Yonder I send sufferings,
Yonder I banish pains -
In stone cellars
And iron mounts
To make the rock suffer,
To put the rock in pain:
No rock cries of pain
No rock complains of its misfortunes
As much as one piles on them ,
As much as one pours on them.

Call to the servant of Death

Girl of pains, Tuoni's servant
Sitting on the rock of pains
Where three rivers run,
Where three rivers part,
Turning the mill of pains,
Making the mount of sufferings turn:
Go and gather up the pains
In jaws of the blue rock,
Or rather rolls them in the water,
Throw them to the bottom of the sea
Where the wind will not find them
Nor the sun shine upon them!


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