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Here you will find pages that specifically discuss the runes

The Runes (English) (Français)

This page gives you a list of the runes and links to (long) comments (in English or en Français) on their meaning(s).

Here you can read a brief description of each rune.

A discussion of how runes have been used historically and how they can be used for healing. This page is an excerpt from a book called Nordic Magic Healing.


This is an interesting discussion of the relationship between Sigrdrifa's Lay and the Futhark. I believe that it is reasonable to suppose that the runes as a group form a song, and that each one belongs to all the incantations. In this way, all the runes are at the same time runes of Joy, Victory, Magic (often called runes of Beer), Protection, Child-birth, Undertow (often called runes of the Sea or the Waves), Branches (often called runes of Limbs), Speech, and Spirit (often called runes of Mind). However, the texts insist that songs must be associated to their use, and that nine songs are possible. This page takes a unique look at the nine songs and their runes.
This topic is a hot debate. Many people use the runes as tools for divination, but the question is were they originally used that way or not. Decide for yourself by reading a compilation of all the references to the runes and divination (don't worry, it's not very long!)

The Rune Poems

Old English, Norwegian, Islandic rune poems

Wimmer's scholarly version:

German version

My English translation

Poèmes runiques Vieil-Anglais, Norvégien et Islandais

The New Old English Rune Poem for Women, this is a wonderful version of the Old English Rune Poem, translated and written by Marijane Osborn.

Les Runes Armanes (en Français)

As far as I know, Thorsson, under his official name, S. Flowers, is the only person who translated Guido List's description of the runes, published in 1906 in German. I give here a French version of this text, translated from the German, and thus slightly different from Flowers' version.


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