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The Runes 

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If you aren't a beginner, then it is too late for me to say this to you, but here goes. The best way for you to learn about a rune is to read the oldest documents related to this rune, before reading modern interpretations, however interesting they might be.
Below I give you a list of the documents we have been left with, classed with the rune they are relevant to. The choices I made in attributing these documents to the runes is already an interpretation on my part. Think it over yourself, keep an open mind and accept or reject these interpretations, and only then can you start reading the modern interpretations, including mine.
The name of the rune is also very important. The names I give below are those of the runes of the Elder Futhark, most of which have never been given (a few of them are found in the runic inscriptions on this site). Thus, they are forms that have been reconstructed by scientific runologists using their later names, and the so-called proto-Germanic word corresponding to these names. I will also give you an intuition on how this reconstruction might have taken place. This will allow you to know what is the exact meaning of the proto-Germanic word naming each rune.
The graphical form of the rune is also to be taken into account. I have chosen to give you the various forms, and their variations in the Elder Futhark, according to Odenstedt's study which is the best one I could find.
If you think we've missed any texts, just let us know and we'll add them, and if you have anything else to add, please email us at This page is still under construction, but if you can click on the rune name, it's ready. The others will be ready soon, so keep coming back!
Just where did these texts come from? I am preparing a page that will tell you how you can find these texts for yourself, but unfortunately it isn't ready yet. Some of the versions of the texts you find below come from published English translations and others are my own English translations from French and German versions.


First Aett
Fehu Uruz Thurisaz Ansuz Raido Kaunan Gebo Wunjo
Second Aett
Hagla Naudiz Isaz Jeran Ihwaz Pertho Algiz sowelo
Third Aett
Tiwaz Berkanan Ehwaz Mannaz Laukuz Ingwaz Dagaz Othala



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