Cognates: German and French 'Ase' (called Aesir in modern English taken directly from Old Norse), the name of the Norse Gods. Krause connects Ansuz to: "Aesir, human purified by the experience".
Ansuz’s form is consistantly except in the Old English rune poem which introduced three variants..

Texts related to Ansuz

Icelandic Rune Poem

Oss (god) is ancient creator,
and king of Asgard,
and lord of Valhalla

Viking Rune Poem

Oss (river mouth) is the way of most journeys
but a scabbard is of swords.

Old English rune poem

Os The mouth is the source of every utterance,
the support of wisdom and a comfort
to wise men and the joy and delight of every noble.

Old English Rune Poem, as translated by Marijane Osborn

The Open Mouth emitting words
Can prop up wisdom, impress the wise,
And ease the hearts of everybody.

Fourth runic stanza of the Havamal

I know a fourth: it will free me quickly
If foes should bind me fast
With strong chains, a chant that makes
Fetters spring from the feet,
Bonds burst from the hands.


You must know the runes of Speech
If you don't want anyone
To be able to harm you by hatred;
You must work them,
You must weave them,
You must gather them
To the Assembly
There where the swords are pulled
Before the just tribunal.

Version found in Volsung's saga:

Speech runes shall you know
If you want no repayment
In hate words for harm done.
Wind them,
Weave them,
Tie them all together,
At that thing
When all shall attend
The complete court.

They are engraved
...On Bragi’s tongue (God of the poetical power)


Speaking of a poetical form, Snorri states:

This form is fundamental for all kinds of poetry, just as the runes of Speech constitute the most important kind of runes.

Groa's Blessing

Groa uses Ansuz's power to unbind the fetters:
Here is what I sing for you in the fifth place,
If they put chains on you
Around your ankles.
To your joints
I shall tell a magic freedom
That will make the bonds of your legs jump.

Gesta Danorum [on Odin]

But where is he, the one they call Odin the Warseeker, the one who always sees with one eye? Ruta, I beg you, tell me if you see him around!

Ruta answers him: "Look more closely, slide your glance under and far behind my raised arms, and hallow His light by the sign of victory if you want to know the God of war without fear and face to face!"

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