Its grapheme is , or . and its variation are constant in Scandinavia from 175 to 700. However, is consistantly found in the majority of cases on the continent and in England, but only rarely attested before 400.
Cognate to German Hagel (hail) and to English hail.

Texts related to Hagla

Gestumblindi Riddle

As white birds,
Stones flutter, ...

Viking Rune Poem

Hagall (hail) is the coldest of seeds.
Christ created the ancient world.
( "Ymir created the ancient world" ? )

Icelandic Rune Poem

Hagall (hail) it is a cold seed,
A shower of ice,
And the sickness of serpents.

Old English Rune Poem

Haegl (hail) is the whitest of seeds;
It falls whirling from heights of the sky,
And gusts of wind shake it; then it transforms into water.

Old English Rune Poem, as translated by Marijane Osborn

Hail is whitest of grains. It whirls from the sky
whipped by the wind, then as water it trickles away.

Runic Inscription on the Kragehul Lance

Me master of runes,
Asgils, son of Muha,
By magical virtue of ,
Hagala who breaks helmets
I hallow this lance.

Seventh runic stanza of the Havamal

I know a seventh:
If I see the hall
In flames around my bench mates,
The flames are not so strong
That I could not save myself
When I sing this charm.


You must learn the runes of Spirit
If you do not want the sword
To support your argument.
The Crier has screamed them,
He has cut them,
He has conceived them
Of the liquid
That runs drop by drop
From Heidraupnir's skull,
From Hoddrofnir's horn.

They are engraved ...
On Sleipnir's teeth

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