Naudiz has been found under the forms and which were used equally until the year 400. After 400 Scandinavians seem to have preferred . In the Viking poem runic, it became important to distinguish these two forms since (Ar : good season) had become associated to the rune Jeran.
Cognates: German, ‘Not’ (necessity, need); English, need

Texts related to Naudiz

Viking Rune Poem

(need) leaves little choice;
the naked man is chilled by the frost.

Icelandic Rune Poem

(need) is distress of bond-woman
and state of oppression
and hard labour.

Old English Rune Poem

Nyd (harshness of life) Hardship oppresses the heart; yet nonetheless often it is transformed for the sons of men to a source of help and salvation, if only they heed it in time.

(my version:)
Naudiz oppresses the heart,
However the sons of man
Not without greatness,
Accept the Norns' decree.

Old English Rune Poem, as translated by Marijane Osborn

Need is a band that narrows the breast yet also
Turns into an omen of help, if heeded in time.


I know an ash called Yggdrasil,
The proud sacred tree,
Covered with white mud,
From whence comes the dew
That flows down in valleys.
Always green, it grows
Above of Urd’s Well.
Near the well, an arbor
Shelters the maidens of Destiny, Urd first,
Then, Skuld, graver of runes,
Finally, Verdandi, the third of the Norns.

Eighth Runic Stanza of the Havamal

I know an eighth,
All are happy to know it,
It is useful to all men :
When hatred wakes
In the heart of the sons of heros,
I can quickly appease it.

Runes of Magic


You must know the runes of Magic.
(Boyer : If you want the wife of another Betray the faith, and feel confident)
(Auden et Taylor, Genzmer : Let the wife of another Not betray your confidence)
On horn, they must be engraved
And on the back of the hand
And mark Need on the nail.

(note: Version found in Volsung's saga:
Ale runes shall you know
If you desire no other's wife
To deceive you in troth, if you trust.
They shall be cut on the horn
And on the band's back
And mark the need rune on your nail.)

They are engraved ... On the Norn's nail

Busla’s Sixth Curse

Let the Dwarves, the Giants and the witch Norns
The Little People and the Trolls
Burn your house;
Let the Giants hate you,
Let the stallions rape you,
Let the straws pick you,
Let the storms shake you.
Be assaulted by all evils
If you do not follow my will!

Gesta Danorum (on the Nornes - Valkyries)

Having lost his way in the fog, he ended up in the refuge of the forest's virgins. As these creatures greeted him by calling him with his own name, he asked them who they were. They answered him by revealing their function to him: their main role was to control wars, whose outcome depended on their whims. They were often there on battlefields, where nobody saw them, but their secret pressure brought to their favorites the success that they expected. It was up to them, they said, to grant a victory or impose a defeat, as they so desired. ...

Pagan Celtic Britain

... tale of Da Derga's hostel, where her (Badb’s) blackness and her ugliness and her utter abnormality are emphasized. She will not divulge her name, for it was believed that knowledge of her name gave one power over an adversary. This is a well-known and widespread motif. One of the strangest descriptions of the triple Badb occurs in the same tale. Conaire's retinue at the hostel of Da Derga is being described by a messenger. In one 'cubicle' (imdae) the threefold war goddess is observed and described in the following terms: 'I beheld a trio. naked, on the ridge-pole of the house: their jets of blood coming through them, and the ropes of their slaughter on their necks. "Those I know," says he, "three of awful boding. Those are the three that are slaughtered at every time."

Njall's Saga

Blood falls
from the cloudy linen
Of the vast cloth
Of the massacre.
Man’s cloth,
Gray as an armor,
is being woven;
The Valkyries
will cross it
with a bloody thread. ...
Look around yourself
Become horrible now,
A cloud as red as blood
blocks the horizon.
the skies are tainted
with the blood of men,
And the Valkyries
Sing their song.

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