Cognates: English, ride; German, 'Ritt' (ride).
The form dominated between 175 and 700. From 400 to 700, three news forms appeared, and and, on the continent (that is to say in Sweden and in England).

Texts related to Raido

Icelandic Rune Poem

Reid (riding) is joy of the rider
and speedy journey
and labouring of the horse.

Old English Rune Poem

Riding is easy for warriors sitting in the hall,
and very strenuous for one
who bestrides a powerful horse traveling the long roads.

Old English Rune Poem, as translated by Marijane Osborn

Riding under a roof is soft,
More strenuous high on a stallion pounding
Powefully down long paths tar mites.

Viking Rune Poem

Reid (riding) is said to be worst for horses
Regin forged the best sword.

The Lay of Regin

Siegfried went to the herd of horses.. and chose a horse that was to be called Grani. Regin ... was the most skillful man with his hands, but he was only, the size of a dwarf. He was learned, cruel and well-versed in the art of the witchcraft. Regin raised Siegfried, taught him and loved him very much.

It was so sharp that when he thrust it into the Rhine ane let a tuft of wool float down the stream it cut the tuft assunder as if it had been water.

Fifth Runic Stanza of the Havamal

I know a fifth :
If I see an arrow flying toward us,
It does not fly so fast
That I could not divert it,
My eye seizes it.


You must learn the runes of Spirit
If you do not want the sword
To support your argument.
The Crier screamed them,
He cut them,
He conceived them
Of the liquid
That runs drop by drop
From Heidraupnir's skull,
From Hoddrofnir's horn.

Version found in Volsung's saga:

Mind runes shall you learn
If you would be
Wiser than all men.
They were solved,
They were carved out,
They were heeded by Hropt.)
They are engraved ...
On the wheel that spins under Rungnir’s chariot
[Rungnir = perhaps Odin] .

Groa’s Blessing

Here is what I sing for you in the second place
When you are forced
To make your way
Let, on all sides,
The locks of Urd protect you,
When torments overpower you

Busla’s Fourth Curse

As you ride
Let the reins pull free,
Let your horse stumble
Let your mount fall.
Let each hollow path
Lead you
Into the hands of Trolls.


Steady old Väinämöinen
intended to go
yonder to the cold village
off to dark Northland.
He took a stallion of straw
a horse of pea stalks ...

He touched the trigger shot the first arrow:
it went very high
overhead to heaven
to the hurling clouds
the whirling vapours.
Still he shot, did not heed, shot
another of his arrows:
it went very low
into mother earth below; ...
Soon he shot a third as well:
it traveled straight the third time
into the blue elk's shoulder
beneath old Väinämöinen
he shot the stallion of straw
the horse of pea stalks
through its bladebone flesh
by its left foreleg.
At that old Väinämöinen
dives fingers first in the wet
turned hands first into the wave
fists first plunged into the foam
from the back of the blue elk
from the horse of pea stalks.

Then a great wind rose
a rough billow on the sea;
it bore old Väinämöinen
and washed him further from land
out on to those wide waters
to the open expenses. ...


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