Cognates : Sonne in German and sun in English.
The forms of Sowelo that have been identified most often are and . appeared in 200, in 200, (and ) in 200, in 250, and (and ) in 250. The form is dominant in Scandinavia between 200 and 400. Then dominates between 400 and 750. Between 400 and 750 on the continent, Sowelo was found in runic inscriptions in the following forms, given here with their frequency: 2 , 2 , 2 , 5 , and 4 . In England, the form clearly dominates, and in the Younger Futhark we find this form: .


Texts Related to Sowelo

Viking rune poem

Sol (sun) is the light of the world;
I bow before the divine judgement.

Icelandic rune poem

Sol (sun) is shield of the sky
and shining ray
and destroyer of the ice.

Old English rune poem

(Sigel) The sun is always a source of hope to seafarers,
when they row the sea-steed over the fish's bath,
until it brings them to land.

Old English Rune Poem, as translated by Marijane Osborn

A Sail lifts high the hope of those
who ferry it over the fishes' bath
till the horse of the sea makes harbor at last.

Eleventh runic stanza of the Havamal

I know an eleventh:
when I lead to battle
Old comrades-in-arms,
I have only to chant it on my shield,
And unwounded they go to war,
Unwounded they come from war,
Unscathed wherever they are.


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