Cognate to the name of the God Tiw or Tyr (God of the sky).
The form of Tiwaz is , and always has been.


Texts linked to Tiwaz

Prose Edda

There is a god called Tyr. He is the boldest and the bravest and He decides much of the victory in battle ... the one who never retreats is "brave like Tyr" ... the one who is wiser than any other is "wise like Tyr".

Runes of Victory

Learn the runes of Victory
If you want to win victories.
They must be engraved on the blade,
On the sheath and the guard,
And invoke Tyr twice.

(note: Version found in Volsung's saga:
Victory runes shall you know I
f you want to secure wisdom,
And cut them on the sword hilt,
On the center ridge of the blade,
And the parts of the brand,
And name Tyr twice.)

Viking rune poem

(Tyr) is the one-armed Asir.
The blacksmith blows often.

Icelandic rune poem

(Tyr) is the one-handed member of the AEsir
and leavings of the wolf
and king of temples.

Old English rune poem

Tir is one of the guiding signs
it keeps faith well with princes
always it holds its course
above the night-clouds it never fails.

Old English Rune Poem, as translated by Marijane Osborn

Tir is a glorious guiding sign
Keeping faith well, its course is true
across the dark night it never fails.

Twelfth Runic Stanza of the Havamal

I know a twelfth:
If I see a man hanging from a beam
Swinging in the wind,
I know how to engrave and stain
Runes so that the warrior
Can now speak
And leave his beam


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