Wunjo appears under the two forms and that both found in roughly equal numbers in the Scandinavian runes dating between 175 and 400, but becomes more common after 400 in Scandinavia. On the contrary, on the continent and in England dominates between 400 and 750. Just like with Thurisaz, Wunjo can be pointed or rounded.
Cognates: German, ‘Wonne’ (bliss, joy); English, wonder

Texts related to Wunjo

Old English Rune Poem

Joy he experiences who knows little of woes, of pain or sorrow, and has for his own prosperity and happiness and also the contentment belonging fortified communities.

Old English Rune Poem, as translated by Marijane Osborn

To one Winning Joy, woe is unknown.
Sheltered from sorrow, she will have
Bright fruits and bliss and buildings enough.

Seventeenth runic stanza of the Havamal

I know a seventeenth:
if I sing it, the young
Girl will be slow to forsake me.

Bulsa’s Curse

Let you be in your bed
As in a straw fire,
On the high seat
As on the high waves;
You deserve even worse:
If you want to satisfy your manly
Desire with a girl
Therefore lose your goal!
Do you want more?


Tree of the gathering of suits of armor
I bring you magic,
Mixed with power and fame,
Strong with powerful incantations
And runes of Joy.

[The version given above is the one of the Edda. Here is the one found in Volsung's saga.]

Beer I give you,
Battlefield's ruler,
With strength blended
And with much glory.
It is full of charmed verse
And runes of healing,
Of seemly spells
And of pleasing speech.

They are engraved ...
on the wort of beer

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